S02 E05 – Getting Our Wheaties Metal Detecting South New Smyrna Beach

Stuff Found on this episode

The Detecting Duo metal detecting the South end of New Smyrna Beach. Found a 1929 Wheat Penny! And a lot of quarters, dimes and pennies. Lof of other things found too!
The beach is a different place and some areas are more difficult to drive on to now even at low tide. The stand is still cut way down but starting to build back up, slowly.

S03 E05
00:00 New Smyrna Beach Sorth Intro
00:13 Terri’s first find today
02:00 Terri’s 2nd find today
04:03 Zip it
05:10 A blinger
07:02 Swivel and line
07:50 Terri’s 2014 Quarter
09:14 Scott’s 1991 Quarter
10:58 A crusty Penny
12:35 Sinker
13:05 Kite surfer
13:14 Terri’s Penny
14:20 Kite surfer and 2016 Dime
15:38 Another crusty Penny
16:22 Up close Kite Surfer
16:52 Beaver Tail
17:42 Terri’s 2019 Nickel
18:33 Guess what
19:06 Rivet thingy
20:46 Chicken Sinker
22:39 Scott’s 1992 Quarter
23:54 Terri’s Pyramid
24:46 Another Penny
25:31 Scott’s 1985 Dime
26:27 Pull my tab
27:09 More beaver tail
27:50 Terri’s 1929 Wheat Penny
29:34 It’s 1981
31:55 Vulture time
32:16 Scott’s 2020 Quarter
33:21 Scott’s 1985 Quarter
34:26 Scott’s 1981 Quarter
34:56 A final crusty
35:22 Terri’s 2005 Nickel
36:25 Unknown cap
37:21 A dime in the dunes
38:49 A stick of life
39:05 Wrap-up stuff found

Both detectors are mostly stock setting with all metal usually turned on. We tend to dig most everything and show what we feel are the most interesting digs.