S02 E06 – Another Weird Find, Coins and More, Metal Detecting New Smyrna Beach Kind of Day

Stuff Found on this episode

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve found? Comment below!
The Detecting Duo metal detecting the North end of New Smyrna Beach. Found another cremation tag and found A LOT of Quarters, pennies, some 50+ years old, dimes and nickels and more!
The beach is a different place and some areas are still more difficult to get to but starting to return to normal. The stand is still cut down but starting to build back up. Things are getting deeper to find.

S02 E06
00:00 New Smyrna Beach North Intro
00:43 Terri’s first find
02:43 Terri’s 2nd find
03:37 Scott’s first find
04:55 Terri’s nickel time
06:56 Terri’s quarter time
07:49 Scott just zip it
08:31 Terri’s sinker
09:47 Bird batch
10:08 Terri gets crusty
11:15 Scott’s copper thang
12:22 Scott’s wired up
13:05 Terri’s Penny
14:03 Terri’s repeat
14:53 Terri’s one more time
15:53 Terri bags a Dime
17:21 You big lug nut!
18:25 Terri bags an older Dime
19:40 Scott’s crusty
20:26 Terri parties like 1999
21:17 Scott’s crop circle Dime
22:06 Scott still crop dusting
23:07 Terri’s all wet
25:01 Bright sunny day
25:22 Scott washes up
25:53 Scott’s Crusty Penny
26:49 Terri’s dime time
28:09 Scott’s hangers
30:15 Like sands through the hourglass
31:42 Scott’s 76 find
33:35 Terri’s first quarter
34:42 Terri’s Nickel
36:05 Terri’s 80 find
37:14 One board rider and quarter
38:31 Scott’s water find
39:25 Terri’s 08
41:05 Terri’s hooked
42:00 Scott’s Quarter Find
43:39 Cremation time
44:55 Sunset over New Smyrna Beach
45:13 Wrap-up stuff found

Both detectors are mostly stock setting with all metal usually turned on. We tend to dig most everything and show what we feel are the most interesting digs.