Low Cost KAiWEETS Metal Detector

Test and Review – 2023 December (S02 R02)


1st time out with the KAiWEETS Metal Detector
Overview and 1st Review


This is not meant to be a full technical or Masters expert evaluation of the KAiWEETS KGM01 Metal Detector. It is a quick review or a product provided to us to review the ability of a this metal detector as related to other metal detectors based upon our learned experiences.  This article simply expresses our initial testing and review of this product.


KAiWEETS KMG001 Metal Detector

The KAiWEETS KGM-01 Metal Detector is one of many low-cost metal detectors that are created by various Asian companies to offer alternatives to more polished devices. The low cost alternatives (in this case sold for less that $140 U.S.) offer an entry level to the world of metal detecting. 

Our intent is to see if the product can indeed work as described and offer an opinion for you to consider if you which to purchase a beginner metal detector and was provided to us by KAiWEETs for review and testing.  

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KAiWEETS Metal Detector

The box contains most everything you would want in a Metal Detector to get you up and running.  The Metal Detector, carrying bag and digging tool are all decent quality parts to this package.

KAiWEETS Metal Detector Box Contents

Setup is pretty straight forward. Follow the manual as instructed in the less than perfect English (or your specific language).
Connect the coil to the bottom stem, the remote to the top stem, adjust and ready to go.


What we like

  • Electro Magnetic Interference
    • We didn’t test much in areas known to call EMI problems.
    • Overall, did not seem to get any interference in normal locations even when we were running other detectors nearby.
  • Ergonomics
    • The balance is OK with the 11.5″ coil and remote mounted to the stock stem. 
    • The pistol type grip is curved, has finger groves and appears quite comfortable. 
  • Weight
    • Swinging the KAiWEETS Metal Detector with the current setup for long hours may get tiresome.
      It’s heavier than more expensive detectors. However, even with the large coil for short periods, or changing hands a lot, one could go several hours swinging this detector. 
  • Display
    • Basic LCD screen with ability to turn on a backlight.


  • Audio
    • Tones were fine and easy to hear. 
    • Volume can be adjusted to your liking. 
  • Headphones
    • Basic 1/8″ wired connector headphones.
    • If you need to hear signals more clearly, then these would work fine. 
    • The headphones are a smaller sit on ear type design with a soft plastic ear cup design. 
  • Reactivity
    • In most cases the detector would find a signal, hold that and not recover fast enough to find the same object again, or different object.
    • This seemed true for objects deeper than a few inches in most cases. 
    • Once the object was out and lightly covered with sand, it was more responsive to allow better pin-pointing. 
  • Menu Navigation
    • Once you learn the basics, can easily get to any option or setting quickly.

What we don’t like

  • Stem
    • Weight. Seems a tad large, heavier than we are used to, but very well designed.

Final Thoughts

Most of what I’m reviewing here is based on our current use on the beach locations only.  We’ve used the KAiWEETS a few times on the beach. First time out not a lot of fantastic finds, but beginner learning. But that’s not the fault of the metal detector as there were not a lot of targets to be found. We confirmed this by checking the same area with our other high-end metal detectors.

Once we were in an area where there were targets to be found, the KAiWEETS metal detector was able to find those targets as long as they were not deeper than about 5 inches. 

The KAiWEETS metal detector is a simple metal detector that does what it claims – albeit not as fast or accurate as other detectors that we are used to.

But for a really low cost, entry level metal detector, you will find that it does work and will find you targets, give you good on screen information and help you to recover those objects. 

The detector did well giving a Target ID and flashing the icon related to what an object was expected to be.

For those deeper targets, say over 5 inches, this detector will have a hard time finding them unless they are really large.