S02 E04 – Weird Find, Jewelry, Coins Metal Detecting New Smyrna Beach Kind of Day

Stuff Found on this episode

The Detecting Duo metal detecting the North end of New Smyrna Beach. Found some sliver, cremation tag and found A LOT of Quarters, pennies, some 50+ years old, dimes and nickels and more!
The beach is a different place and some areas are more difficult to drive on to now even at low tide. The surf is still up and great for surfers along the Atlantic coast. The stand is still cut way down but starting to build back up, slowly.

S03 E04
00:00 New Smyrna Beach North Intro
00:35 Scott finds hair thing
01:26 Terri’s first find today
02:33 Terri’s first coin today
03:43 Scott’s first coin today
05:20 Screw rivet?
08:04 Washer up
08:44 Terri’s penny and knife blade
10:54 Terri’s penny
12:01 Scott missed a coin on the line
13:04 Scott’s Quarter 2009
14:09 Glass
14:22 Terri’s 2010 Dime
15:55 Terri’s 2021 Quarter
17:07 Scott missed the line fine again
17:45 Scott’s 2016 Quarter
18:33 Terri’s 199? Dime
19:44 Crusty custy
20:22 Penny in line
21:24 Scott’s 2018 Quarter
22:21 Terri’s 1967 Dime
23:18 Terri’s unknown Penny
24:19 Scott finds jewelry!
25:34 X marks the spot
26:31 Pyramid time
27:07 Marsh Quarter
28:14 Cremation time
29:43 Terri finds New Hampshire
30:27 Scott’s back to 1983
31:32 Ring tab
32:37 Terri’s Penny Nickel Finds
34:25 Florida Quarter
35:13 Terri’s back to 1967
36:07 You big lug nut!
38:01 Sunset over dunes
38:13 Back to 1981
39:00 Crop circle sunset
39:11 Wrap-up stuff found

Both detectors are mostly stock setting with all metal usually turned on. We tend to dig most everything and show what we feel are the most interesting digs.