S03 E02 The First Day Of The Year Metal Detecting New Smyrna Beach

Stuff Found on this episode


First Day of 2024 metal detecting New Smyrna Beach. Lots of people and sites to see. Today we find some good, some bad, some new, some old! A Butterfly Necklace is in the mix. Using the XP DEUS II and Minelab Vanquish 540. Each time out with the DEUS II proves to be more finds, faster and better.

00:00 Intro and First Find
00:21 1st Find Today
01:13 First coin of the year
01:48 What is it?
03:06 A Screw Cap
03:56 2nd coin
04:23 Slaw one
04:56 Sliver No Clue
05:42 Was it a ring?
07:01 Slaw two
08:06 3rd coin
09:10 Beach overview
09:34 Butterfly Necklace
11:31 A copper one
12:17 No clue
13:12 What’s my tab?
13:42 A nickel
14:46 Mesh
15:19 A copper
15:55 Bolt?
17:05 Zip and beaver
17:56 Formuler One
18:39 Cooper a new
19:31 Chat a view!
20:33 Dime a Cap
21:50 Careful what you dig
22:12 Beaver Ring
23:01 Wrap Up