S03 E01 New Year First Ring Found Metal Detecting New Smyrna Beach Florida

Stuff Found on this episode

Today we found a nice wedding band ring, pendant coins and a variety of oddities! We are metal detecting using the DEUS II and Vanquish 540. Each time out with the DEUS II proves to be more finds, faster and better results.

00:00 Intro and First Find
01:59 2nd Find Today
08:13 Jessica Simpson
11:38 Something weird
13:45 More odd finds
18:48 68 is great
20:13 Anchors Away Pendant
21:17 Wedding Band Ring
28:50 A Copper 62
32:11 A Silver Bullet
40:06 Dime Dime
42:06 Pennies
44:47 A Key Find
49:46 Cleat Hitch
51:09 Wrap Up