S02 E13 Spring Breakers New Smyrna Beach Metal Detecting

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Spring Break is in full swing and the students are back! So are the Police! But hey that didn’t stop us from finding a lot of coins, jewelry, hot wheels and more on New Smyrna Beach North Metal Detecting. A cold day for the Spring Breakers, but the beach is still busy today but busy and a bit colder. Warmed up later in the day.
We love this New Smyrna Beach as it’s always changing, always fun, great sights, great people and great finds!
It’s still difficult to get down to the beach from some of the walk ons but people are finding their way on New Smyrna Beach. The sand is starting to build back up. Things are getting deeper to find, but fresh drops abound.

S02 E13
00:00 Intro to North New Smyrna Beach
00:56 Terri’s first truck today
02:20 Terri’s first Quarter today
03:06 Scott’s first Quarter today
04:22 We 86’ed it
05:17 Missed Dime
06:01 Back in the 80s
06:50 Quarter 95
07:30 LifeGuards
07:43 Terri’s fist Dime today
08:12 Jesus Saves
09:31 Back to 83
10:25 Delaware Quarter Time
11:21 Pull My Tab
11:46 Zip it
13:17 Dime and Bottle Cap
14:57 Sunset
15:08 Rockin’ Penny
16:45 What is it?
17:38 There’s a signal around here somewhere
17:52 Terri’s Nickel
20:05 It’s Magnetic
22:05 Coin Spill
26:47 Gold!
27:24 Stallion 6
28:08 Terri takes a Penny
29:18 Mini Coin Spill
33:14 Scott’s Quarter Spot
33:57 31 Cent to Find
36:56 Dime
37:39 Another Coin Spill
43:54 Bottled Up
44:50 Hoop Time
45:52 78 Is Great
46:41 A Cent
47:20 73 For Me
48:17 Silver Earring Time
49:12 Dime Time
50:02 Quarter Time
50:40 Lash Out
51:04 Terri’s Last Penny Tonight
52:00 Wrap-up stuff found

Both detectors are mostly stock setting with all metal usually turned on. We tend to dig most everything and show what we feel are the most interesting digs.