S02 E12 Found First Silver Coin and an Old Silver Ring! Metal Detecting New Smyrna Beach

S02E12 Silver Coin

Stuff Found on this episode

Down on New Smyrna Beach North Metal Detecting. The beach was busy today but busy and a bit colder. Warmed up later in the day.
A beautifully busy day out on the beach today. Lots of nice goodies found out here and great sights to see.
We love this New Smyrna Beach as it’s always changing, always fun, great sights, great people and great finds!
The beach is a different place and some areas are still more difficult to get to but starting to return to normal. The sand is starting to build back up. Things are getting deeper to find, but fresh drops abound.

S02 E12
00:00 Intro to North New Smyrna Beach
01:08 Terri’s first find today
02:39 Scott’s all wet find
03:53 Scott’s encased find
04:39 Subscribe to this ring!
06:03 SCott’s penny find
06:55 Terri’s first quarter find today
08:07 Terri’s on the edge
09:28 Scott’s crabby
09:41 An oldie dream squasher
10:41 It’s a ring! Sort-of
11:23 Scott pulled it out
11:37 Scott’s in the mesh
12:15 Gonna bolt!
13:15 Birds bathing in the Ocean
13:33 Scott’s dime time
14:20 Scott’s caster time
17:42 Hot Metal
18:31 Scott’s Silver Dime
19:55 Terri’s Quarter Squared
21:25 Scott’s Nickel
22:42 Nailed it
26:04 Terri’s wired up
26:34 Terri’s Penny
27:41 Folded metal
28:25 Terri’s last find today
28:25 Scott’s last coin today
30:19 Scott Saw This!
32:15 Wrap-up stuff found

Both detectors are mostly stock setting with all metal usually turned on. We tend to dig most everything and show what we feel are the most interesting digs.