S01 E29 – After Hurricane Nicole Metal Detecting New Smyrna Beach

Stuff Found on this episode


Back on New Smyrna Beach after Hurricane Nicole hit the coast line. Damage and older coins found! Lots of good stuff found on today’s metal detecting.

The beach is still cut way down exposing more old and crusty goodies. Hurricane Nicole smoothed out the sand more and churned up some new, old finds and hidden treasures.

Hurricane Nicole came in a month after Hurricane IanIan pummeled Florida and dropped more rain and long term wind which has pretty much closed down a lot of the beaches around Florida.

New Smyrna Beach Florida is the shark bite capital of the world and one of the best beaches we love to hunt.

00:00 Intro to New Smyrna Beach after Hurricane Nicole
01:15 An orange root reveals a hidden Penny
02:01 Low tide time and finding a crusty Penny
03:28 Nicole damage overview and a 1987 D Nickel
04:29 2005 Penny
05:23 1994 D Dime
06:42 Metal hook thing
07:45 Shower area Penny
09:05 Sanderling birds looking for their own gold
09:21 2021 P Nickel
10:22 2019 P Dime
11:33 Pull Tab
12:30 A Bejeweled Gold Crown
13:52 Chatting with other Metal Detectorist
15:22 Open shell with red creature
15:46 Part of the ramp walkway washing out in the ocean
16:36 Shoe part
16:48 Retro Sunglasses
17:17 More Sunglasses
17:37 Black bent Safety Pin
18:14 1982 P Dime
19:09 1980 Penny
19:53 1992 P Dime
20:44 200? Penny
21:47 2014 P Dime
23:15 Wire
23:51 The “Can” area
24:55 2017 P Penny
25:40 Sunset – pretty view
26:11 Sinker
27:24 Pyramid Sinker
28:41 1959 D Penny
29:54 Old cement stairs
30:19 Big rusty unknown metal ring
31:07 Sunglasses earpiece
31:21 2011 P Nickel
32:29 2017 P Penny
33:18 2002 P Quarter
34:23 Wrap-Up of stuff found

Both detectors are mostly stock setting with all metal usually turned on. We tend to dig most everything and show what we feel are the most interesting digs.