S01 E28 – A Shot In The Dark x3 Metal Detecting South New Smyrna Beach

Stuff Found on this episode (S01 E27 and E28)


More down on the beach around 27th Avenue in this early evening hung. We also found a lot of older U.S. coins on this treasure hunt and other items.

The beach is still cut way down exposing more old and crusty goodies. Another non-stop finding of items buried deep in the sand. Hurricane Ian cut the sand down quite a bit to reveal hidden treasures.

Hurricane Ian / Tropical Storm Ian pummels Florida and drops rain that is considered a “1000 year rain occurrence”.

New Smyrna Beach Florida is the shark bite capital of the world and one of the best beaches we love to hunt.

00:00 Intro to New Smyrna Beach 27th Avenue area
00:14 First unknown penny find in the wet
01:23 2nd unknown penny find in the wet
02:31 Beaver Tail Pull Tab
03:59 Unknown Nickel
05:26 1990 Nickel
07:26 Unknown Penny
08:44 Metal Snap
09:31 2000 Quarter
10:06 Metal Slug
11:22 2nd Metal Slug
12:24 Really large bolt!
13:19 1995 Nickel
14:13 Old Jacket Button
15:35 Unknown Metal Clip
16:35 1996 Quarter
17:40 Washer
18:02 1964 Nickel
19:07 Metal Cap
19:54 Unknown Penny
21:02 Unknown Penny
21:54 Unknown Penny
22:31 Metal Bracket
23:22 Penny?
24:25 Bullet
25:25 Bullet #2
26:35 1987 Nickel
27:31 Bullet #3
28:20 Nailed Again
28:43 Penny
23:14 Penny
31:12 Roached Penny
32:30 2001 Dime
33:37 Quick Wrap-Up

“The Detecting Duo” is a part of the New Things New Tech channel.
New Things New Tech

You can’t go wrong with either of the Metal Detectors we use on the beaches of Florida.

Terri and Nick are using the Minelab Vanquish 540 in Jewelry modes.
(Goes to our Amazon affiliate link.)

Scott is using the Minelab Equinox 600 in Beach Modes 1 & 2.
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Our Garrett AT Pin Pointer Metal Detector. It’s an excellent waterproof pin pointer!
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Both detectors are mostly stock setting with all metal usually turned on. We tend to dig most everything and show what we feel are the most interesting digs.