Metal Detecting

The history of metal detecting in our family started back in the early 1980s when my father, Don Whitacre, wanted a hobby after retiring from teaching band at several schools in Phoenix. In Arizona there weren’t many restrictions on where you you could detect. Fortunately for him we lived right by an elementary school where he could hone his skills in both dirt and sand.

My sister was clearing out stuff to make way for some remodeling on their home. She found my dad’s metal detecting log and gave it to me. He kept track of where he detected, what he found and what detector he used. The log is a 1980 retailer’s planning manual which he used for family spending and metal detecting. My dad ran a mobile locksmithing company after his retirement and received the manual from Valley National Bank of Arizona. In later articles the manual and my dad’s logs will be shared.

Thank you for joining me on this detecting adventure from the past. Please let me know if you have any questions about the articles. There are all kinds of interesting articles coming up so please visit this site often.