S01 E05 – Recovered Gold Ring! Jewelry! Coins! Beach Metal Detecting New Smyrna Beach

Stuff Found on this episode

Recovered a dropped gold ring. Found another ring, jewelry and more! Beach Metal Detecting on March 18th in this video. Check out all the cool stuff we found. See Kitesurfing along the beach.

Spring-breakers partying and having fun at New Smyrna Beach.

Fun for everyone!

Both detectors are mostly stock setting with all metal usually turned on.

00:00 Kitesurfing intro!
00:15 Detectors on and ready to roll on Spring Break week.
01:42 Terri’s first find of the day – a Saint Michaels Arch Angle pendant.
03:40 Terri finds a Spanish key pendant.
06:29 More Kitesurfing.
07:00 A 2021 dime in the wet.
08:34 Scott snags a 2022 penny.
09:20 Silver nugget? A metal cob? What is it?
11:33 Scott finds a boat shaped piece of something.
12:12 A beautiful marble inlay ring.
13:24 Mint vape.
14:02 Pull tab and detector info for onlookers.
15:18 2022 Penny.
16:05 2019 Penny.
17:59 2022 Penny.
19:20 1970 Nickel.
20:44 Red bottle cap.
21:51 Pull tab.
22:32 2016 WV Quarter.
23:28 2000 Penny.
25:22 Recovering a lost gold ring!
27:05 Quick wrap up of todays finds.