S03 E13 Beach Metal Detecting Coins & More New Smyrna Beach Florida

S03 E13 Metal Detecting New Smyrna Beach Florida for Coins & More

Stuff Found on this episode


Just before the main Spring Break with many visitors having returned to New Smyrna Beach leaving behind treasures for us to find! Join us as we metal detect our favorite beach.

Lots of fun tracking down coins, gold, silver, jewelry and lots of other goodies on the beach. Scott is using the XP DEUS II and Terri is using the Minelab Vanquish 540. Two fantastic metal detectors.

00:00 Welcome Intro
00:15 First Finds
02:30 Coin Starts
06:13 Boned
10:28 Tag your it
16:36 Howard and Carol
18:28 Get Some Shades
22:49 Get Your Wheaties
24:35 Shades
29:30 Quarter Time
37:23 Nothing But Dimes
40:53 Finally a Nickel
51:11 Coin Spill Area
55:22 Wrap Up