S03 E22 Metal Detecting New Smyrna Beach Florida -Memorial Day Finding Silver Jewelry

S03 E22 Finding Silver Jewelry Metal Detecting Memorial Day

Stuff Found on this episode


A Memorial Day metal detecting that’s full of coins, jewelry and miscellaneous finds on New Smyrna Beach where treasures are starting to pop back up again! A wonderful day out with some unexpected and expected finds.
Scott is using the XP DEUS II and Terri is using the Minelab Vanquish 540. Two fantastic metal detectors.

S03 E22

00:00 Intro and first find
00:34 Terri’s first Monster find
01:39 Miscellaneous Stuff
03:01 2nd Coin
04:24 King Ring
07:36 MagSafe Ring
09:11 Coin Time
12:14 Dimes Man
14:44 Riveting
16:11 Quarter Bits
17:52 Charmed and unexpected
18:37 Unexpected Earring Helper
20:23 Back to basics
22:09 Coin run
27:53 Oddities
29:06 Coins again
31:06 Final Charm
32:34 Wrap Up Day 2