S02 E24 – Memorial Day Weekend! Gold! Silver! Jewelry! Metal Detecting New Smyrna Beach

S02 E24 - Memorial Day Weekend! Gold! Silver! Jewelry! Metal Detecting New Smyrna Beach

Stuff Found on this episode

Today we are on the beach over Memorial Day Weekend! End of a busy day on the beach, but that didn’t stop us from finding a lot of great stuff! Ring, Pendants, Ear Ring and more! Lots of older coins.
We even had a chance to talk with Brian of I Dig Daytona whilst he was out on New Smyrna Beach too! Brian’s a great guy with great detecting videos on his channel. Go check out I Did Daytona!
New Smyrna Beach has become a destination hot spot more so than other beaches now where spring breakers and all beach goers go for its fun, family friendly beach. Plenty of drive-on and parking along this part of the beach as well as amenities to satisfy beach goers.
We love this New Smyrna Beach as it’s always changing, always fun, great sights, great people and great finds!
It’s still difficult to get down to the beach from some of the walk ons but people are finding their way on to New Smyrna Beach.

E02 S24
00:00 Intro and hard way on to the beach
01:19 Terri’s first find. Is it gold?
04:10 Minelab Detectors we use
04:22 Terri’s Bank
05:19 All about VDI
05:46 It’s A special key!
07:54 Copper 81
08:56 Copper 76
09:39 Scotts found a Pineapple!
10:45 Canadian
11:38 Back to 72
12:33 Can Slaw
13:19 Going Nuts
14:32 Lifeguard Sunset
14:41 82 for you
15:27 To 2021
16:15 A bit of a spill
18:44 Quarter pull
19:06 Zip it
19:45 PSA for today
20:13 Quarter to 87
20:56 Quarter to 22
21:23 No clue
22:09 Quarter to 66
22:38 Golden hour photos
22:46 Dodge it
23:24 Dime time
24:17 I Dig Daytona
26:22 Unknown Dime
27:00 Silver and Gold
28:13 Bolt n’rust
29:03 A Dollar!
30:11 Golden Heart
31:20 But weight!
32:14 Penny time
33:18 Jeff Gorvette
33:53 It’s a wrap

Both detectors are mostly stock setting with all metal usually turned on. We tend to dig most everything and show what we feel are the most interesting digs.