S02 E17 Spring Break First Week Metal Detecting New Smyrna Beach

S02 E17 2023-02-26 Spring Break First Week

Stuff Found on this episode


The Weekend before the heavy Spring Breaker was busy, warm and nice for visitors and finding Jewelry, coins, oddities, views and more!
Spring Break started this week and the beach was just starting to get crazy busy with people and students from all over! Shortly after this day the weather turned cold again, but didn’t stop those from having fun on the beach. We get pre-spring break start on this day to find treasures all over New Smyrna Beach, Metal Detecting. A nice warm day for Metal Detecting and enjoying the beach.
We love this New Smyrna Beach as it’s always changing, always fun, great sights, great people and great finds!
It’s still difficult to get down to the beach from some of the walk ons but people are finding their way on New Smyrna Beach.

S02 E17
00:00 Intro to North New Smyrna Beach
00:27 Terri’s first find today
00:55 Screaming Beach Patrols
01:30 Terri’s first find today
02:18 Terri’s send find
02:48 Scott’s first find today
03:30 Pulled one
03:55 Detector compare
05:22 Low flying yellow plane
05:38 Ultralights and Scott’s dime find
07:01 Terri’s Charmed
09:06 Penny time
09:45 Not Strawberry Fields
10:38 Grommet no Wallace
11:11 Terri’s Dime
12:11 Scott’s screwage
13:00 Penny time
13:30 Colored up shield
14:29 Dimen Road
15:41 Terri’s Quarter find
16:21 Scott’s Rattan Teardrop
16:49 Terri’s 13
17:27 Can Can
17:58 Charge it
18:30 Cone Head 87
20:13 An 81
21:30 Scott’s 21
22:13 Missed one right there
22:57 Terri’s 21
24:13 Pen is mightier
24:51 Last call
25:21 Wrap-up stuff found

Both detectors are mostly stock setting with all metal usually turned on. We tend to dig most everything and show what we feel are the most interesting digs.