S02 E02 – Foggy Day After New Year’s Day Metal Detecting New Smyrna Beach

Stuff Found on this episode

It’s the 2nd day of 2023 and still part of the New Year’s Day Holiday. A very foggy day out on the beach. Terri and Scott are out trying to find more treasure on the North end of New Smyrna Beach. A variety of stuff was found on this treasure hunting adventure.

S02 E02
00:00 Driving New Smyrna Beach Intro
00:41 Terri’s first find today
00:51 Terri’s 2nd find Dime 1999 P
03:08 Terri finds a 2018 Penny
04:02 Heron waiting on fisherman
04:15 Terri finds a 2022 Penny
06:04 Fog rainbow
06:29 Terri finds a Zipper pull part
07:49 Scott’s first find a Beaver Tail
08:33 Scott finds an unknown coin
09:47 Terri finds a part of an old pull ring
11:48 Scott finds some copper
13:27 Scott almost missed a 1995 Dime
14:12 Scott finds a 1988 Penny
15:25 Foggy find of Terri’s 1969 Penny
17:31 Surfer dude heading out
17:47 Scott funds a 2021 Dime
18:41 Terri’s unknown coin
19:46 Terri’s unknown thing
21:34 Scott sings for a 2018 Penny
22:29 Terri’s 1990 Penny
23:54 Scott finds a 2002 Quarter
25:27 Final wrap-up

Both detectors are mostly stock setting with all metal usually turned on. We tend to dig most everything and show what we feel are the most interesting digs.