S01 E37 – All The Treasures From 2022 Metal Detecting New Smyrna Beach

Stuff Found on this episode

2022 All Stuff Found


Our New Years Eve Recap is here!
Check out all the stuff we found metal detecting in 2022. Terri and Scott explore many of the treasures found during the year. We’ve had 2 hurricanes this year which have helped expose many older items. So watch as we show off all the rings, coins, jewelry, special finds, junk and more!

00:00 About All The Stuff Intro
00:32 Sunglasses and glasses
01:24 Urn Badges
01:53 Diver Knife and other Knife
02:20 Toys, Toys, Toys
02:33 Tons of sinkers and fishing stuff
03:02 Miscellaneous metal stuff
03:13 Nail through a rock
03:27 Nuts bolts, zipper pulls, keys
04:26 Italy key bottle opener
04:39 Bullets
05:29 Digging tools – spoons and stuff
05:45 Can slaw, tent stakes and more
06:30 Bottle Caps sampling
07:04 Pull tabs dated
08:36 NSB Golf Token
09:20 Surface finds
09:48 Guitar picks
09:58 Sinkers hooks and more
10:14 Lucky charm and unknown gold plated thing
11:02 Coins, Coins, Coins!
13:38 Gold, Silver, Rings, Jewelry
13:49 Earrings
14:22 Miscellaneous Jewelry parts
14:30 Really old Blue Stone Ring
14:49 Shorts Silver Charm
15:00 Bracelets
15:23 Religious Jewelry
15:38 Party bits
15:49 Gold, Diamond and Silver Rings
17:45 Pendants and Charms
18:18 Whole World Silver Necklace
18:42 Titanium Chain
19:01 Website Plug
19:31 Necklaces
20:06 Charlie Watch
20:43 Unknown Ring
21:08 Final wrap-up

Both detectors are mostly stock setting with all metal usually turned on. We tend to dig most everything and show what we feel are the most interesting digs.