S01 E35 – Finding Santa While Metal Detecting North New Smyrna Beach

Stuff Found on this episode

It’s Christmas time and The Detecting Duo encounter Santa whilst Metal Detecting the North Beach area around Grayce K. Barck Park of New Smyrna Beach. Santa is in his summer gear out on the beach. We found a lot of coins with some over 30 years old and older!

The beach is a different place and some areas are more difficult to drive on to now even at low tide. The surf is still up and great for surfers along the Atlantic coast.

Metal Detecting New Smyrna Beach after Hurricanes Ian and Nicole. Many of the paths onto the beaches, both driving and walking, are still affected by the Hurricanes. The stand is still cut way down but starting to build back up, slowly.

00:00 Intro to North New Smyrna Beach and spotting a visitor from the North Pole
00:45 Scott finds a lump of coal?
01:42 Terri finds Santa’s zipper pull
02:57 We’re hooked!
03:49 Penny 2010
04:22 Dime 2017 P
05:38 Penny 2007
06:51 Quarter 2021 P
07:33 Quarter 1989
08:29 Nickel Unknown
09:20 Dime 2013 D
09:48 Swivel and fish line
10:32 Quarter 2000
11:45 Penny 2022
12:42 Sinker
13:56 Penny 1976
14:47 Metal ball
15:18 Dog Bone and Dime 2020 P
16:39 Penny 1971
17:59 Unknown metal – Car part?
19:31 Beaver Tail
20:15 2021 Dime
20:51 Nail Clippers
22:13 Can Slaw
22:58 Surfer and Dime 2022 P
23:47 Penny 1994
24:37 Foam Creature
25:03 Quarter 2004 P
26:34 202? Dime
27:19 Bikers and second Santa sighting
27:64 Slotted Screw
29:19 Rusty Bolt
30:30 Quarter 2017 P
31:31 Dime 2020 P
32:25 Talking detectors
33:37 Nickel 1962
34:31 Quarter 1989 D
35:18 Quarter 2015 P
36:38 Puppy
36.48 Surfer Girl
37:19 This ain’t no chestnut
38:34 Penny 1984
39:26 Yellow Plan Riptide
39:48 Wrap-Up of stuff found and a Merry Christmas

Both detectors are mostly stock setting with all metal usually turned on. We tend to dig most everything and show what we feel are the most interesting digs.