S01 E33 – Metal Detecting Bethune Beach After Hurricane Ian and Before Nicole

Stuff Found on this episode

Bethune Beach After Hurricane Nicole

Metal Detecting Bethune Beach shortly after Hurricane Ian and just before Hurricane Nicole.
Bethune is just 3 and a half miles South of New Smyrna Beach and a great destination for many looking for some beach time.

Take a quick look after Nicole came through. Most of the railing along the beach is destroyed. Lots of new gravel shell sand has been brought in here, probably to try and protect the area.

This beach is more coarse sand than New Smyrna Beach or Daytona Beach. It’s also a tad steeper beach. Still, it’s a nice beach where lots of people come to enjoy and play. It’s also good for metal detecting.

Hurricane Nicole came in a month after Hurricane Ian pummeled Florida and dropped more rain and long term wind which has pretty much closed down a lot of the beaches around Florida.

00:00 Intro to Bethune Beach After Ian and Before Nicole
00:23 Bethune Beach After Nicole
00:38 Back to Bethune Beach Before Nicole
01:05 Waves overview
01:12 First Unknown Penny
01:53 Unknown Metal Wire Thing
02:30 Pull Tab
04:05 2018 Quarter
05:17 Beach Slope and Old Bottle Cap
06:33 Part of a Key
07:51 Swivel Part
08:37 Screw Part
10:24 Old Copper Eyeglasses Hinge
12:04 1993 Penny
13:11 Brass or Copper Button Snap
14:11 Gold and Diamond Ring
15:40 Shorts Bracelet Charm
16:31 Colorful Fish Hook
17:26 Damaged Lifeguard Tower
17:39 Another Copper Button Snap
18:55 Tent Stake
20:18 1988 Dime
21:27 2018 Dime
22:20 Pyramid Sinker
23:54 Zipper Pull
24:10 Fish Swivel
25:38 Ibis and Seagull Waiting For Fisherman Leftovers
25:51 Older Pull Tab Ring 1965 to 1975
26:22 20?? Penny With Shell Growth
27:20 BOHO Ring
29:33 Wrap-Up of stuff found

Both detectors are mostly stock setting with all metal usually turned on. We tend to dig most everything and show what we feel are the most interesting digs.