S01 E21 – Hurricane Ian Reveals Treasure! Metal Detecting on New Smyrna Beach

Stuff Found on this episode


Hurricane Ian / Tropical Storm Ian pummels Florida and drops rain that is considered a “1000 year rain occurrence”. The Detecting Duo +1 headed down to the beach to see how New Smyrna Beach changed after the storm
and try to find older treasures on the beach.

In this treasure hunt we were able to find two silver rings, a nice chain bracelet and a variety of coins that have been on the beach for a while. An evening to night time treasure hunt on New Smyrna Beach as we find treasures in both the wet and dry sand areas. Always interesting things are found!

New Smyrna Beach Florida is the shark bite capital of the world and one of the best beaches we love to hunt.

00:00 Intro to New Smyrna Beach after Hurricane Ian
00:20 Nick’s first find of the day
00:40 Scott’s extended intro about Hurricane Ian
01:04 Nick finds some can slaw
01:59 Dude exercising on the beach
02:07 Nick finds a titanium chain bracelet
03:23 Terri finds an unknown penny
04:44 Nick finds a rusty nail
05:28 Ian exposes water lines along the sea wall
05:52 Nick finds a 1985 Penny
06:43 Terri finds a 2013 P Dime
07:27 Nick finds a 2006 Penny
09:00 1998 Quarter
10:06 1972 Penny
11:49 First Silver Ring, Om, Om…
13:16 Terri finds a 2015 Dime
14:34 Bottle cap
14:58 Water fall
15:06 2006 Penny
15:35 More waterfall, pretty sunset
16:27 Scott finds a 2021 Penny
17:52 Scott finds a 2019 Penny
19:01 Nick finds some munchies
19:33 Scott finds a washer
19:38 Scott finds some copper wire
20:10 Scott finds some metal scrape
20:37 Terri finds 2004 P Dime
21:59 2016 P Nickel
23:08 Pull tab and guys watch us dig it up
25:01 Scott finds a 2021 Penny
26:03 Diamond Silver Ring
27:37 Metal Knob
28:27 Nick finds a surface 2021 Penny
28:57 Scott finds a line cutter
30:05 Scott finds a 2019 Penny
30:45 Nick finds a 2016 Penny
31:40 Quick wrap of all the treasures found

“The Detecting Duo” is a part of the New Things New Tech channel.

“Nick Drudge” is one of Nicks channels where he presents cool test related stuff.

You can’t go wrong with either of the Metal Detectors we use on the beaches of Florida.

Terri and Nick are using the Minelab Vanquish 540 in Jewelry modes.
(Goes to our Amazon affiliate link.)

Scott is using the Minelab Equinox 600 in Beach Modes 1 & 2.
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Our Garrett AT Pin Pointer Metal Detector. It’s an excellent waterproof pin pointer!
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Both detectors are mostly stock setting with all metal usually turned on. We tend to dig most everything and show what we feel are the most interesting digs.