That’s Just So Wrong! Metal Detecting New Smyrna Beach Florida

Stuff Found on this episode

Crabs, gold, jewelry, weird stuff, coins and more on New Smyrna Beach, Florida. A great day with lots of people on New Smyrna Beach as we find treasures in the wet and dry sand areas. Always interesting things are found! New Smyrna Beach Florida is the shark bite capital of the world and one of the best beaches we love to hunt.

00:00 Intro to New Smyrna Beach, can find
01:06 Live music
01:46 Low tide update
01:57 Pelicans and Osprey
02:23 Terri fines a crusty pull tab
02:32 Tiny crab fun
02:48 Questions and answers
03:40 Rivot, Rivet
04:12 Sun Moon Ring
05:57 Pull Tab
07:42 Weird metal piece
10:07 Unknown metal piece
11:06 Can slaw and little onlookers
12:39 2021 Penny
13:52 Questionable art work
14:17 Having fun burying a kid on the beach
14:32 Jack Daniel’s bottle cap
16:55 1964 Penny
17:45 2021 Quarter
19:44 RC Vehicle on the beach
20:50 2018 Quarter
22:17 1995 Penny
23:12 Turquoise Gold Plated Earring
25:46 2020 Dime, 2012 Penny, 2000 Dime
26:41 1995 Penny
28:48 2019 Nickel
30:00 Sinker
30:53 Magic 10 Gold Number
31:52 Sunglasses Ear Piece
32:30 2022 Nickel
33:15 JUUL Vape
34:32 1976 Dime
36:14 Unknown metal cap thing
37:13 A Penny in the road
37:32 Large crab on the beach
38.17 Quick wrap of all the treasures found

“The Detecting Duo” is a part of the New Things New Tech channel.

Scott and Terri are using the Minelab Vanquish 540 in Jewelry mode.
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Normally Scott is using the Minelab Equinox 600 in Beach Modes 1 & 2.
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Our Garrett AT Pin Pointer Metal Detector. Excellent waterproof pin pointer!
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Both detectors are mostly stock setting with all metal usually turned on.

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