S01 E03 – Necklace, Coins, Hot Wheels & more! Metal Detecting New Smyrna Beach

Stuff Found on this episode

See all the latest goodies we find on March 19th 2022 with a morning sunrise and metal detecting dig.
Hot Wheels old and new. A cool necklace and lots of coins & more. Check out all the cool stuff we found.

Scott and Terri are using the Minelab Vanquish 540 in Jewelry mode.
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Normally Scott is using the Minelab Equinox 600 in Beach Modes 1 & 2.
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Our Garrett AT Pin Pointer Metal Detector. Excellent waterproof pin pointer!
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Both detectors are mostly stock setting with all metal usually turned on.

00:00 Opening Quarter Find By Terri on New Smyrna Beach!
00:17 Sunrise over New Smyrna Beach!
00:37 Terri’s second coin find!
02:51 Terri’s third coin find.
04:28 Toys! – Old Hot Wheel.
05:31 Scott finding more old Hot Wheels!
06:08 Toys! Polaris? & a Dumper!
08:05 Toys! Scott finds a race car.
09:49 Scott’s hair clip find and beach view.
13:51 Bud Light.
14:43 1981 Penny.
16:06 Walking the beach toward Flagler.
17:30 Scott’s water find – 2021 Dime.
19:54 Terri’s pulls out a necklace! Score!
23:51 Terri finds an NJ 1999 Quarter!
25:12 Terri finds a 2000 Nickel!
26:14 Quick wrap up.